Ten Cheers for Interdisciplinary Post

The interdisciplinary approach to learning is one that is not finite. It allows someone to construct what they think would be ideal for them and their future and they make a new career for themselves that has never been created before. This is what attracted me to the interdisciplinary approach to learning. I wanted to have a field of study where I could logically piece together something I loved with classes I’ve taken and new classes that have yet to be taken. My major in this is “Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences” which has aspects of Meteorology, Environmental Science, Computer Programming in Science, Mathematics and Chemistry. I believed that these components would create a major where my focus is on how the atmosphere and the environment interact with each other. This will serve me well for the future. I think that in the future, with climate change posing a problem to human life, we will need more experts who know more about the atmosphere and environment so that we can create new ways to solve problems that could threaten human life in the future. As a child I loved both sciences and when I was about to graduate high school I was faced with making a decision on what I wanted to study. Was it Meteorology or was it Environmental Science? Not knowing about the Interdisciplinary, I had to make a decision and I knew I would regret it either way. Now, I know I don’t have to make a finite decision because I can create a major I want that would open up more job opportunities for me in the future.

In the reading, Nissani said ”┬áThe act of creation may also arise from the permutation of ideas from two or more disciplines” and that’s exactly how I feel about my major. It is a new creative idea that made sense in my eyes. As a scientist and an analyst, I thought clearly about what would be a good idea in creating my major, what would I include in it, and how would it benefit me in the future. The result is the major I have created. Two classes I have taken that have represented this idea was “Air Quality” which gave an example on how the atmosphere interacts with life and our environment. The other class, which I am currently in is “Hydrology”and in order to understand hydrology, one must understand how the atmosphere comes in to play with processes such as evapotranspiration and precipitation. Chemistry also plays a big role in both which is why I chose it to be a component in my major. I strongly believe that being involved in the interdisciplinary will enhance my learning of the world around me and it has already opened me up to new job opportunities. When I graduate I would like to have a starting career as an Environmental Engineer. I would be working with civil engineers to help them understand the history and current features of a landscape so that we as people will be able to build new structures without harming the environment. It allows me to use my knowledge of Chemistry, computer programming, Meteorology and Environmental Science. I am already very excited for the future and I hope it will allow me new opportunities to explore in fields related to my Interdisciplinary major.

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  1. I love the way you provide the concrete example from your own program to explore the more conceptual idea of how interdisciplinary approaches can enhance learning and research. And then you link all of THAT to an applied understanding of how that learning and research will lead you to success in career and in solving real-world challenges. Great post!

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