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To start off, my project (as stated before) is examining the challenges of climate change. My main area of focus is how to assess damage from intensifying hurricanes, and to find ways to minimize future damage from stronger hurricanes. My sources are focused on a few isolated events as well as the big picture of climate change. The science behind climate change involves the disciplines of meteorology, environmental science, hydrology, chemistry and geo-morphology- all of which I have included in my sources. These help to break down why climate change is a problem and what changes we will expect in the future. One of the biggest problems is infrastructure resistance to damage, especially in places like Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands that are at high risk for destruction from intensifying hurricanes in the future. My sources look at the damage from these powerful storms and make an assessment on better ways to prevent damage and destruction in the future.

Here is the link for the sources I am using for the research part of my project:


The links below the chart I created are in order from the articles in the chart. I looked at many articles about Climate Change, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Civil engineering of both the past, and these articles assess what can be taken in the future as climate change causes storms to intensify.

Image result for puerto rico damage cc license images

Image above is from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in September 2017

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  1. Hi, Julie, I really like the preventative focus on how we can think about and implement better ways to create effective infrastructure, especially considering what’s being done doesn’t seem to work very well, particularly in high risk areas. I wonder what the scientific models predict for weather in terms of the near future and not so near future of our own region of New England? It makes me wonder how designing where we choose to live and work and play might work in tandem with nature rather than against it. Having said that, what is the data showing? Try to get your pasted link to work as a hotlink for easy access and smooth appearance. Also, looks like you’ve got oodles of sources, how do you plan to cite? APA, perhaps? Please be sure to follow that standard when creating your works cited bibliography. Nice post! Let me know if you’re interested in presenting these findings at our celebration.

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