I am an active person who loves to keep busy with different activities. A little about myself:

I am 21 years old, Born in Boston and raised by a Polish family. I am tri-lingual in English, Spanish, and Polish and love to study different languages and cultures. I study Atmospheric and Environmental Science and I love to chase storms and track natural disasters. I have a younger brother and we love spending time together. We go to a lot of concerts together because we like the same music and like the same sports. Our favorite teams are the Boston Bruins and the New England Patriots.

My hobby list can go on forever but I will tell some main things about myself. For one, I am a costumer and character performer. I own a business called “New England Character Parties” where I go to children’s birthday parties as different characters to surprise them for their birthdays, mainly I go to parties as Disney Princesses. I make my own costumes and also attend anime conventions and comic cons. It is a lot of fun and it helps keep me busy!

I am an artist and a story writer. I have written 2 stories which I hope to become Disney movies one day. The first one, which I am most proud of is a sequel to the Disney movie “the lion king” which I have called “the lion king 3: finally reunited”. I have an entire story (that I have worked on for 16 years), characters designed, and a lot of artwork to tell the story! The other movie I have created is called “Sokieski Kingdom” which is about a Polish royal family! The kingdom fights off other historical groups of people who tried to take over Poland in the past and in the end they remain victorious. The story is based on the Polish legend of the rising Phoenix.

Those are just a few examples of the things I do with my life. Keeping busy is a priority because it helps me feel like I am being productive and doing something with my life!







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